How to start a Garden

An Elementary Guide on How to Start a Community Garden

Novemeber 16, 2015 by Nancy

A community garden is an amazing idea for most communities. These are often plots of lands that are segmented in agricultural areas and are allotted or assigned to specific families within the neighborhood. Such pieces of land are not just beneficial to the community as a way of maintaining good relations, but there is also an economic component to consider. When community planners design a garden they hope that the garden will provide food and enjoyment while giving something for their kids to do in order to prevent them from getting into trouble.

The following is a simple guide on how to start a community garden:

Arrange a meeting of interested individuals

You should first find out whether a garden is really needed. Invite individuals who are interested in establishing a community garden around your neighborhood. You can invite community organizations, tenants, and neighbors, horticultural and gardening societies.

Choose a planning committee

This group can be comprised of individuals who feel motivated to the creation of the community garden. At the initial stage, these individuals should be fully devoted in improving the land.It is important to pick well organized individuals as garden coordinators to tackle certain tasks.

Find out what resources you have at your disposal

It is important to do a community asset assessment in order to find out what resources and skills already exist in your community that could come handy in the garden creation. You should contact horticultural societies and local municipal planners so as to get more assistance and information. Search within your community for individuals with experience in gardening and landscaping.

Approach a sponsor

Sponsors could provide you with seeds, money or tools. Schools, churches, private businesses or recreation and parks departments are all great supporters.

Select a site

Consider availability of water, the amount of daily sunshine and the soil PH. You should ask around for the owner of the land. The owner can lease the land to you for a period of 3 years.

Prepare the site

The land should be properly prepared. You can choose volunteer work groups to gather materials, clean it and decide on the plot arrangement and design.

Organize the garden

The garden should be divided into plots. Members assigned to different plots will need to take care of it. It is essential to leave pathways between different plots.

Plan for children

You should consider creating a unique garden just for children. Children are normally interested in the process of gardening but sometimes get bored or distracted after a while.

Determining rules and regulations

Rules and regulations should be devised by the community members. These rules help gardeners to understand what is expected of them.

Help community members to keep in touch with one another

You can create an email list, form a telephone tree or even have regular celebrations. In light of this, members can be fully aware of everything that is going on and as such encourage active participation.

The above tips should help you launch a successful community garden in your area.