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What You Need To Know About Lasagna Gardening

October 13, 2015 by Adam

Lasagna gardening normally has nothing to do with what you will be planting in your piece of land. It is the method of developing the garden which involves adding layers of organic matter that will actually cool down after a specific period of time, resulting in fluffy, rich soil that will help your crops to grow well. Lasagna gardening is also popularly known as sheep compositing. Lasagna gardening is a no-till, no-dig gardening method that normally results in fluffy, rich soil with very little efforts from the gardener. When it comes to lasagna gardening, you dont need to remove existing weeds and sod.

The first layer of this type of garden normally consists of either layers of newspaper or cardboard laid directly on top of the weeds or grass in the area you have chosen for your garden. You must wet this layer down in order to start the decomposition process and keep everything in place. The weeds or grass will break down fairly fast because they will be smothered by the cardboard or newspaper. Anything that you can put in a composite pile could also be put into a lasagna garden.

Creating this type of garden could actually help you save time. It is important that you alternate the layers of a lasagna garden. You should also fill in your green and brown materials in between sheets. Lasagna gardening is good for the environment because you are using your kitchen and yard waste and importantly compositing it in place in order to make a new garden.

The following are some of the best materials that you could put in a lasagna garden:

  • Grass clippings.
  • Vegetable and fruit scraps.
  • Coffee grounds.
  • Tea bags and tea leaves.
  • Manure.
  • Weeds.
  • Pine needles.
  • Shredded junk mail or newspaper.

You can feel free to build a lasagna garden anytime of the year. Fall is actually the optimum time for most gardeners because of the huge amount of organic materials you can find for free all thanks to the general yard waste and fallen leaves from cleaning up the rest of the garden and yard. You can leave the organic materials to decompose throughout winter and by spring the land will be ready for planting. In case you decide to prepare this garden in summer or spring, you will have to add more soil-like amendments such as topsoil or peat if you wish to plant right away.When it is time to plant, simply dig down into the bed just as you would in any other type of garden. In case you did put newspapers into the bottom layer, there is a higher probability the shovel will go right through exposing loose, nice soil underneath. In case you used cardboard, you might have to cut a hole in it at every spot where you wish to plant something. To maintain the lasagna garden, basically add mulch to the upper part of the bed in the form of grass clippings, straw, chopped leaves or bark mulch.

The process of maintaining a lasagna garden is very easy. If you are fed up with struggling with rock or clay soil, then a lasagna garden could be perfect for you. You can grow different types of crops on a lasagna garden such as flowers, vegetables and herbs.

The following are advantages of preparing a lasagna garden:

  • Few weeds. The newspapers normally suppress the weeds from below.
  • Better water retention.
  • You dont need to put much fertilizer into the garden.
  • The soil is very fluffy and loose.
  • You dont need to dig so as to plant in a lasagna garden. For transplants, just pull back the mulch layers, drop in the crop and then pull mulching components back over the roots. Planting seeds is also very easy. You only have to sprinkle compost materials over the area you wish to plant, drill the seeds and then cover it with compost materials. All around the world lasagna gardening is being embraced in most households due to its flexibility. Normally, the layering method utilized in this specific type of gardening helps to offer crops with the necessary nutrients and as such boosting the productivity of your garden.

    Lasagna gardening does not actually need a huge site in order to get started. You only have to choose a small spot in your land. You will need to cover the spot you have chosen with a thick layer of cardboard or newspaper. Doing so will assist in the killing of turf or weeds that are normally found at the spot. Layering forms a main part when it comes to creating or setting your lasagna garden. You will have to build the layers of your garden using organic materials such as compost and grass clippings.

    You should not leave your crops to grow alone even if these types of gardens are flexible in nature. You should watch out for gardening issues such as changes to the degree of the soil PH and infestation of pests. You must ensure the layers get adequate amount of water. Gardening is not for you if you are not able to maintain a lasagna garden. It is always said that creating a lasagna garden is an amazing way to scrutinize your passion for gardening.

    You can plant different types of crops on a lasagna garden. This type of garden is very easy to prepare and as such you dont need to worry about getting tired. You also dont need to apply a lot of fertilizers because the compost materials used contains a lot of nutrients. Anybody can feel free to test their gardening skills by preparing this type of garden. It is important to test the soil PH because there are crops that do well in alkaline conditions while others in acidic conditions. Your crops will grow well if you do everything you can to ensure the garden is well prepared and maintained.