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Vermicomposting - let the worms do all the work

November 21, 2015 by Adam

Vermicomposting is a process that utilizes worms for breaking down natural and unprocessed materials. Vermi is a Latin word that means worms while compositing refers to the decomposition process of the biodegradables. Now you can put trash into cash and at the same time, save lives in the future and present generations. The process is actually very simple. You only need to prepare a soil bed, add all the biodegradable materials such as vegetables, fruit peelings, leaves, twigs, papers and much more. You should place the worms in the garden bed you have prepared with all the biodegradable materials. You should not put left overs in the soil bed because they are harmful to the worms and will also invite ants and as you all know ants are big enemies of worms.

Worms must be taken care of because without them Vermicomposting is not possible. The decomposition rate is much faster if there are more worms. While most individuals might not like Vermicomposting, you will never go wrong with assisting Mother Nature when it comes to minimizing land pollution and recycling. With the assistance of composting worms, it is possible to do Vermicomposting either outdoors or indoors. Compositing with worms can also be done inside worm bins that come in different designs, makes, capacities, shapes and sizes.

Household wastes are normally generated on a regular basis. Individuals, who have not been oriented on the advantages of composting, will at first have these wastes thrown directly to the trash bins. However, for those individuals who know more about the composting procedure can think about important ways in which they can transform these wastes into a valuable resource.

The following are the benefits of Vermicomposting:

  • The Vermicompost enhances the structure of the soil and also improve the rate of water retention in the soil.
  • If you begin your own Vermicompost heap, you are able to generate an endless supply of good compost that is eco-friendly, and chemically free.
  • The soil is enriched. Normally, the concentration of calcium, nitrogen, phosphates and magnesium are all higher in soils that contain earthworms.
  • Vermicompost suppresses specific types of weeds that would actually grow in case the compost was not present.
  • It enhances better root structure and growth, and is an amazing medium for growing seeds and seedlings as it boosts crop yields and germination.
  • Vermicomposting has become extremely popular because of the great effectiveness of these creatures. The following are the types of foods that you can add to a worm bin when you are Vermicomposting:

    • Fruit trimmings and vegetables.
    • Stale bread.
    • Tea leaves and used tea bags.
    • Newspapers cut into tiny pieces.
    • Vacuum cleaner dust.
    • Paper towel tubes or toilet paper.
    • Filters and coffee grounds.
    • Avocados because worms love them.
    • Dried leaves.

    The following are also types of foods that you should not add in worm bins:

    • Citrus fruit
    • Spicy vegetable such as hot peppers and onions
    • Sawdust
    • Dairy products
    • Salt
    • Bones
    • Meat including fish or chicken.
    • Garden weeds
    • Sweet potato peels or potato peels
    • Fruit seeds
    • Junk food such as candy and chips

    Composting is an amazing alternative for decreasing your environmental impact. Most individuals who live in a condominium or apartment don't have access to any outdoor space where they can take control of a traditional compost heap.

    The following is a step by step guide on how to prepare a Vermicompost:

        Purchase or build a worm bin

    The worm bin is an enclosed space where the worms live. The bin holds in the food scraps and bedding, blocks light and also regulates the level of moisture in the bedding. Many organic or gardening supply stores usually sell pre-assembled worm bins. However, you can improvise one. The bin can consist of a big plastic storage bin that has a lid. You must ensure the bin is opaque in order to block light. You should drill several tiny holes in the side of the worm bin so as to allow plenty flow of air.

        Buy worms for your bin

    The best types of worms to buy for your Vermicompost bin are red wigglers. Usually, these worms are found in outdoor soil. You can order these worms from different organic gardening stores.

        Prepare the worm bedding

    The bedding is normally the material that these worms will live in. This bedding can be made from carbon rich organic matter for instance cardboard or paper. However, newspapers are the best.

        Moisten the bedding

    Worms can only survive in a moist environment. In light of this, you must ensure the worm bedding is adequately moist. You should start by putting the newspapers strips into the bin. After that, pour water directly from your tap.

        Add soil into the bedding

    Go outdoors and come with a handful of soil so as to add it into the bedding. The soil normally offers "grit" for the worms, which assists them to digest your food scraps.

        Add the worms to the bin

    You should scatter the worms into the bedding. It is important to close the lid in order to block any light.

        Add food scraps into the Vermicompost bin

    To start composting, just put the food scraps into the bin and then tightly seal the lead.

        Remove the worms once the compost is done

    Worms produce castings when they digest food scraps. The castings usually make up your final compost. You can harvest the Vermicompost once plenty of castings are present. You can remove the worms by hand.

        Harvest the Vermicompost

    After you have removed the worms, remove the finished compost and keep it safe for later use.

        Replace the bedding

    As the worms will have already digested most of the bedding, it is important to offer them fresh bedding once you have harvested the compost. You can follow the above highlighted steps to prepare a Vermicompost. The benefits of Vermicomposting should not be underestimated because it greatly helps in keeping our environment clean.