How to start a Garden

When Is The Perfect Time To Start A Garden?

September 1, 2015 by Adam

Spring is a great time to start digging and growing. Gardeners spend a lot of time during the summer season weeding, watching young plants grow and watering. Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs, shrubs, trees and some perennials. You have to decide what you are going to plant in your garden whether it is flowers, vegetables or herbs. Almost all flowers and most vegetables need about 6 hours of full sun each single day. You should spend a day in the spot that you have selected in order to watch how the sun moves across the area.

If you have never lived in a family that had a garden, then you will not understand the true joy of gardening. Children can appreciate and understand the fun of gardening from a parent. It is a tiring task to manage a garden so you have to ensure that indeed you have the desire and right reasons to own a garden. You often have great fantasies of delicious vegetables or lovely flowers but you need to know it simply cant happen automatically. You need to have a clear plan of where you want your garden to be and what you wish to plant.

It is essential that you start with creating a detailed list of the things you require for your garden. It is also important to figure out your budget before you start your garden. See if you have enough cash to buy tools, pesticides, seeds and much more. You should start preparing your garden when the weather conditions are favorable. The weather patterns for the previous year can help you decide when the perfect time to prepare your land is. Some seeds thrive well in very warm conditions while others in cold conditions.

You can prepare your garden on early spring or summer. However, it is important to note that there are crops that thrive very well in hot temperatures while others in cold temperatures. You should examine the condition of your land and ensure the soil is well drained. Most plants grow well in deep fertile soils. Different regions in the world experience different climatic conditions. In light of this, people grow different crops based on the season of the year. For instance there are crops that are planted during summer while others on winter. You can plant vegetables, fruits or flowers based on the weather changes.

You should only start preparing your garden when you have enough time to take care of the crops. During the initial stages, the tiny seedlings will need extra care and constant supply of water. The process of preparing your garden might be a tiring task. However, you could seek help from other family members and friends. It is advisable to divide your garden into pieces or portions if you wish to grow different crops. Make sure you also leave pathways where you can pass. You can feel free to prepare your garden anytime of the year but you have to ensure you plant the right crops.